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Mini Squid Game

Mini Squid Game needs you! You like risk? You are not afraid of the death?

The real Squid game is on the BSC

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$MiniSquidGame is everyone’s coin, anybody is FREE to join us. It’s more than being part of a movement, it’s a Revolution!

Buy back & Liquidity

2% Tax will be added to a buyback back wallet that we will manualy use when price is low, tokens will automatically be sent to the burn address.


Their is a 7% tax for marketing so we can keep on paying for influencers and promotions on the way to the moon.

They supported us :
Travladd, Cryptic Maestro, Cryptocharizard

Download & setup MetaMask or TrustWallet

Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet in form of a browser extension) or TrustWallet (an app for your phone). After that you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network-list. (Click here for a step-by-step tutorial)

Buy and send BNB to MetaMask

Buy BNB on an exchange (i.e. Binance, Kraken, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. BEP-20 addresses start with a "0x"

Head on to PancakeSwap and swap for the token

Click here to head on over to PancakeSwap. Set the slippage tolerance to 6% (on error you may change it up to 7%, if that doesn't fix the error, change the token output amount to end with a "0" as the last digit [i.e. 12345.123 => 12340])

View Mini Squid Game tokens and HODL

Swap BNB for the token. Now you need to add token to your MetaMask (Tutorial here) to view your the token. Lastly HODL!
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Mini Squid Game Roadmap

Let’s be clear on one thing. We are here to create sustainable growth for $MiniSquidGame. Most developers focus on launch and neglect their project. We have exclusive, weekly marketing plans to create FOMO and hype for our project day like a domino effect. On our roadmap below, you’ll see our plans to take the BSC world by storm.

Phase 1

  • Conceptualization of Mini Squid Game
  • Launch of Website, Twitter, Telegram
  • Listing on pancakeswap
  • Influencers tweets and calls
  • Contests

Phase 2

  • Listing on Coingecko
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • NFT collection
  • 3D Art
  • Hire moderators and blockchain developpers

Phase 3

  • Partnerships
  • Launch on ETH
  • Launch on Cardano
  • Bridge between ETH-BSC-CARDANO